I just want to write a quick note to thank everyone for their support and everything! Many people say kind things to and about me (others not so kind lol), but I’m kind of flustered by it! I’m just a guy trying to understand my little bubble so when people kick in a few bucks to keep the site up I often find myself lost for words.

It feels really good to help connect people and information and everything, I’m really astonished and humbled that my little online learning experiment has touched so many people, it’s overwhelming at times to be honest.
Thanks to all of my teachers, fellow students, friends, family, crew and even the grumps (but ESPECIALLY all of the people working behind the scenes to give us access to all of these amazing bits of data that really help us to understand our world, you’re heroes!) 🙂

Expect some bugs over the next few days, we’re going to be changing some things.