This update from Jose @!

We continue with our internal activity in our group. Although this week we are not informed as we normally do, we are all working around the clock. If all goes well, next week to report back to normal.
We summarize the activity of these last days (Wednesday – Thursday – Friday).
During these days our earth’s magnetic field, magnetosphere, was being affected because of the large number of sunspots that are present on the solar disk and geoefectiva position. The reason is the strong magnetic fields that cause sunspots and these active regions. Because it causes our Earth’s magnetic field is more sensitive to future solar activity (not weaker, but more sensitive).
This occurred early this morning to 3 CME in different parts of the solar disk, but none of them cause any phenomenon on earth or no effect.
In addition to our internal work group, we are very attentive to the evolution of all that last sunspots on the solar disk.
We show you an update on the current status of our Sun