Hey everyone, there’s a really cool contest going on right now that I’m happy to have a vested interest in, it’s called the RASB (or Raise Awareness Space Balloon) and it’s being spearheaded by Fuzz Aldrin of http://www.bearsonpatrol.org

Bears on Patrol provides police officers with free teddy bears to use in cases involving small children.

I choose to submit the name “Inspiration” for the naming contest because “Inspiration” is a simple name that fits along with the theme, the shuttle missions (Enterprise, Discovery, Endeavour, Challenger) and Fuzz and Camilla have *really* inspired me!

We’re sending up a helium balloon with our mascots, cameras and other scientific equipment to get some measurements, photos, and show the world just how easy it is to do something like this.

Help us raise awareness and please go vote for your pick at http://www.bearsonpatrol.org/vote/ !