We came across this map today, posted it, deleted it, reposted it, and deleted it again. We’re trying to get the best info out that we can, however in this emergency situation we will air on the side of caution (we’ll post a report, remove and correct if invalid). Just to be on the safe side. Thanks for your understanding folks.

From William Stone III of the SolarIMG team:

1. I attempted to contact the company listed as the source by phone. Unsurprisingly, as it is early Sunday morning in Australia, no one is at the office.

2. From browsing their Web site, this kind of map is totally outside their usual area of expertise. The company seems to specialize in personal radiation detection and site surveys primarily in the health care field. They’re the sort of people you’d call to make sure your x-ray machines and environs were safe. They also perform disposal of radioactive materials in this area.

3. The map appears nowhere on the company’s Web site. Given the highly-visible nature of both the Japanese disaster and potential fallout, this is the kind of thing you’d expect to see on a company’s home page. It isn’t referenced anywhere on the site that I can find.

4. Their staff is entirely physicists and technicians. There is no one listed with geographic and/or meteorological expertise consistent with making any kind of fallout projections. The entire staff of the company seems to be 13 individuals — including the secretary.

5. The map appeared online during a time period that would have been daytime or early evening on Saturday. There seems to be no indication that the office would even have been open at that time. This would be consistent with a small company that wouldn’t keep irregular hours. This is further corroborated by being unable to contact them now, it being early Sunday morning in Australia.

6. The map’s original hosting location appears to devolve to ImageShack.