Well around August 23rd or so I noticed that the LASCO C2 image was kind of anomalous as you can see below. I sent a query and for those who are interested I was informed by the SOHO team that it has been fixed with new background correction.


Space is a difficult and challenging operating environment and SOHO has been in operation for almost 15 years – well past the intended life cycle and it has contributed so very much to humanity’s quest to understand and learn about our little variable star. To everyone who’s worked on the SOHO project (directly and indirectly): thank you!

SOHO launch

This information has recently appeared on the SOHO site, signaling the changing of the guard from SOHO to SDO:

SOHO/EIT is operating at a reduced image cadence
At the end of 2010 July, EIT has completed fourteen and a half years of synoptic observations of the low corona. SDO AIA images at much higher resolution and time cadence are now available for all the EIT wavebands, and three other EUV wavelengths as well. The telemetry bandwidth that has been used by EIT will be used by LASCO to improve the cadence of its observations of the fastest CME’s. EIT will continue to obtain a couple of “synoptic sets” of images in all four wavelengths per day to track detector behavior, and to maintain the uniform data set.

SOHO truly began a golden age of solar observation and provided us with many new spectacular images and the data to make amazing discoveries. We hoist a beer in your direction!

SOHO satellite