Activity is Low…Seems to be the Norm as of Late after a Big Event…

 As of Now, all ARs are on the Stable Side with Only a Slight Chance for M Class flare Events to Occur…

20% for the Next 24 Hours. …

Only Minor C Class Flares to Report over the Last Day…But a CME is Expected to Impact Earth…This Originates from a Filament that was Released by the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere..but was Nothing Compared to Last Weeks Intense Filament Release!
Solar Wind will Increase but Density will Not Reach Alarming Proportions….Auroras might Occur in Higher Latitudes….Solar Wind may also Increase due to Coronal Hole Actvity on the Earth Facing section of the Sun… A New AR is Emerging on the Northeast Limb, and will Completely make the Turn in another Day or So…
Current Data:
Nmbr Location  Lo  Area  Z   LL   NN Mag Type
1566 N23W51   015  0050 Hsx  01   01 Alpha
1569 S12E27   296  0210 Eac  12   10 Beta-Gamma
1571 S13E46   277  0130 Cso  08   03 Beta
IA. H-alpha Plages without Spots.  Locations Valid at 13/2400Z Sep
Nmbr  Location  Lo
 1567  N16W30   354 1568  S09W82   046
1570  S13W48   012 II.
Regions Due to Return 14 Sep to 16 Sep Nmbr Lat    Lo 1554 N15    230
Solar wind:   speed: 429.6 km/sec   density: 0.1 protons/cm3
X-ray Solar Flares:   6-hr max: C1 1822 UT Sep13 24-hr: C2 0510 UT Sep13
 Planetary K-index:   Now: Kp= 1 quiet   24-hr max: Kp= 2 quiet Interplanetary
 Mag. Field:   Btotal: 7.6 nT   Bz: 6.3 nT north