*IF* there was to be a massive event, we would lose access to all of the satellites at once. This in itself is cause for serious concern. As of right now we are aware this was caused by a power failure @ GSFC.

The alert, during a period of serious power outages, served to notify the community and rally our team members so that we could study the event and determine if there was reason to invoke an actual emergency.

The internet did a WONDERFUL job of figuring out the true cause and disseminating good data. In these uncertain times, an abundance of caution during these these situations is prudent and we stand by our decision to call the alert.

If we *didn’t* call the alert, we’d be receiving criticism for not doing anything. With the power of the internet, we can all work together for the betterment of ourselves, knowledge of how these events work and gain real working knowledge of how to deal with a dangerous situation should one arise.

We’ve learned many lessons from this event, but still have more questions than real answers at this point. This event also fell late on a weekend.

It has come to our attention that measures to manage a electromagnetic event have been put in to place recently. We need to pay attention to events like these, learn from them and adjust accordingly.

Thanks for the support everyone and we’re working hard to figure out more details.

If there *was* a real “SHTF scenario”, we wouldn’t be looking to mainstream media for answers and information, we’d be looking to the internet, blogs, and our networks – and sharing this information with the world. Unfortunately there has been a deluge of information recently so it’s difficult to process.