In this podcast we discuss everything under the Sun! Dr. Oppenheimer tells us all about volcanoes, but somehow we cover earthquakes, pole shifting and the magma connection, the seismos, citizen science and international scientific co-operation and so much more!

DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST HERE: SolarIMG_Podcast_Dr_Clive_Oppenheimer_210312.mp3 ~47min duration. DIRTY DUBSTEP!

Due to the recent hysteria I took the liberty of opening the show with a quick rant, I feel that I have no choice but to address some issues that have been bothering me as of late ..

Many thanks to everyone, and this episode’s track is Badbwoy BMC – Bluecifer (Vandal Heart Remix), check out Vandal Heart’s Soundcloud, biggups!!

Apologies for the sound quality, but the content more than makes up for it! Our BEST podcast yet, and we’re certain that our listeners will LOVE it!