There is a lot of chatter on the internet and the tin foil hatters are going crazy due to the fact that the Earthquake happened two minutes after a simulation. Yes, we know this has happened before (Ahem, Christchurch..) and we all know that humans CAN cause earthquakes (Ahem, fracking) however everyone needs to sit down and give their head a shake if our planet isn’t already shaking it already.

It is an ABSOLUTE MIRACLE that no one was killed in this event! If it were some sort of “HAARP ATTACK” that was planned in advance, Mexico would have taken decisive military action with their allies.. This did not happen.. Also, the quake didn’t even happen in the SAME CITY as the exercise!

We’re going to use Occham’s razor and slice this idea down to two reasonable hypotheses:

The most likely being number 1) Coincidence.

Also, it’s most certainly within the realm of possibility that 2) There’s an experimental EQ prediction method that isn’t totally reliable..

Both are likely possible explanations for this.