Good ‘ol SOHO! This machine was BUILT TO LAST! We have so much respect for that group and expect that they are very proud of their accomplishments!

As we can see the levels of “catscratches”, the informal term for high energy particles appears to be decreasing and this can only mean that we have new images – which is awesome considering that there have been comms issues and we won’t return to the usual cadence until at least after the next “flip” of the satellite so that the ground stations can still have a direct line of sight (LOS) to SOHO’s high gain antenna!

Thanks so much to the SOHO team!

Now we will wait to see if we get more catscratches from the latest flaring once the latest CMEs make their way to the L1 point!

SOHO, The Solar and Heliospheric observatory orbits the L1 point, illustrated here (thanks wikipedia!):

The SOHO satellite has lived way past its life expectancy, so I hope that the decision makers are thinking about replacing it, and sending up even more probes! Even though we are privileged enough to be the first generation of humans in Earth’s history to enjoy a full 360° view of Sol doesn’t mean that we should stop there!

Be sure to send your thanks to Dr. SOHO! The team most certainly deserves it!