We’ve been watching for flares lately, cheers to Neo for catching this one! (Click images to animate)

Also big ups to Mountain man for running the numbers on this:

We have had 6 earthquakes 7.0 or higher in the past 30 days. The past 12 years we have averaged 15 per year.

That’s around %40 of the annual average of magnitude 7+ quakes in a single month.

See for yourself here: http://neic.usgs.gov/cgi-bin/epic/epic.cgi?SEARCHMETHOD=1&FILEFORMAT=4&SEARCHRANGE=PP&SYEAR=&SMONTH=&SDAY=&EYEAR=&EMONTH=&EDAY=&LMAG=7&UMAG=&NDEP1=&NDEP2=&IO1=&IO2=&CLAT=0.0&CLON=0.0&CRAD=0.0&SUBMIT=Submit+Search