While the high speed particles from the recent X and M flares have been by far the most energetic and dramatic of solar cycle 24 which we’ve seen thanks mostly to the DSN, SOHO, STEREO and SDO teams- our teeny star is ripe with activity.

Recent X and M flares have already sent particles to the Earth and the slow moving Coronal Mass Ejections (or CMEs) have cleared the solar wind creating the conditions for a “fast mover” (not quite different from Ocean waves which have been crazy lately!) that will snap the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) right over the Earth very fast from a Coronal Hole Wind Stream (CHWS). This will be the one to watch, folks. The arrival will take place approx 9/11/11.

The cygnet is archived here since hotlinking to iSWA cygnets will result in lost data and we’re hoping that other people make sure to save anything that they think looks interesting in ARTIS to your computer – when you look at real time stuff later it may not be there due to the way the systems work.