NOTE: a reader has left a comment on this story:

“This is blatant sensationalism. Calvert Cliffs is on the shores of Chesapeake Bay and is not downstream of the dam at St. Mary’s Lake. The potential dam failure is worth reporting, but tying it to a nuclear power plant that has no connection is bad reporting.”

We’re going to check this out more when we have time, and follow up with more details. Fukushima has shown us what a natural event can do to a reactor, but that doesn’t excuse sensationalism for hits. I’m sorry if I re-fed a BS story. I’m still concerned about the technology, but I’m not completely against it either.

“Officials in St. Mary’s County are warning of a potential dam failure at St. Mary’s Lake near Callaway.

They issued the Code Red notification at 10:40 p.m. Saturday after Hurricane Irene poured more than seven inches of rain in the area.

The county says a dam failure may cause significant flooding that could threaten people, homes and roads downstream.”