Hello again,

I just had to make an update today with some incredible images that came across my screen from the ARTIS page:

Here we can see that that solar filament appears to have merged with a coronal hole.

SOHO captured this image showing a really defined and symmetrical magnetic field loop almost 1/4 the size of the Sun itself!

SDO captured this amazing image of plasma appearing to shoot along the length of the entire filament!

Also, I think this is from LMSAL – Thanks to dUbStEp2012MOSSY @ YouTube for the encode/upload!

Also, there’s been a bunch of X-rays today too.

Of course with all of this solar activity, Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) have dropped off significantly. Remember what Chris2191970said (paraphrasing): Solar energy is good, cosmic rays are bad!”

The ENLIL model from CCMC @ GFSC here shows the model run before today’s activity (click to animate):

Stay tuned for more!