Hey everyone, I know I haven’t posted recently as I’ve been very busy! My apologies.

Everyone’s talking about this new filament!


It appears to be merging with a coronal hole. A lot of the doomtards are freaking out. Don’t pay them any attention. While it’s true that we recently had an M-class flare and radio burst, this isn’t the end of the world! Nonetheless, these are fascinating images and I think we’re really privileged to be alive at this turning point of science.

The cycle is definitely kicking up. I expect the “tail end” of a recent CME and high speed coronal hole wind stream to impact us by tomorrow (Monday) morning – so keep an eye on ARTIS (especially the magnetometers).

Geomagnetic activity has a measurable effect on human health, so if you work in the health field be aware that you may be busier than usual during the beginning of this week. Nurses, paramedics, and firefighters be advised.

I also highly recommend that everyone check out Camilla Corona SDO‘s blog to keep up with that latest developments in solar activity. She does a great job of keeping people informed.

You can also subscribe to her Facebook page and Twitter page for updates.

Also, it’s worth noting that Dr. Hathaway has revised his SSN prediction, lending credence to the idea that we’re in for a weaker than average solar cycle.


Stay tuned for more updates!